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Beta-Alanine Tablets “ENHANCE” - gymjunkies

Beta-Alanine Tablets “ENHANCE”

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These handy Beta-Alanine tablets are going to be your new best friend and are an incredibly useful supplement that has many benefits. They contain a patented and clinically studied sustained-release that offer enriching nutritional support for an enhanced athletic performance. Bodybuilders, athletes and more will benefit from these supplements and they are a great source of animal protein so vegetarians will also benefit from them.

• Increases strength and improves endurance.
• Promotes a speedy recovery from intensive exercise.
• Increases muscle carnosine levels and muscle lactic acid buffering.
• Suitable for vegetarians and made from non-GMO ingredients.

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Athletes know the importance of a good supplement. With that said, not all supplements are created equal. Anyone concerned with health and fitness has heard the debates. 

Companies hail their supplement as the best of the best. But in spite of stances given from companies, dieticians, fitness experts and even friends and family, picking the right supplement is still hard.

Not to mention that supplements are often full of filler ingredients. Of course, this can counteract the effectiveness of the active ingredients. In time, it may even be harmful.

When you take a supplement to increase your gains, endurance or physical performance—or when you want to improve your health—you don’t want to worry about any extra, dangerous chemicals you’re putting into your body. And you certainly don’t want to waste a ton of money on a supplement made almost entirely of filler ingredients.

ENHANCE Is A New Breed Of Supplement

Containing the clinically studied and powerful ingredient Beta-Alanine, ENHANCE is especially useful for athletes who participate in high-intensity workouts. These are athletes who know firsthand the pain and fatigue following post-workout lactic acid buildup.

In clinical studies, Beta-Alanine has been shown to increase muscle Carnosine levels. This results in an all-around better workout and post-workout experience. And when taken in the form of a tablet twice a day with water, Beta-Alanine is a convenient addition to a supplement regimen. 

What Is Beta-Alanine?  

Beta-Alanine is an amino acid that converts into Carnosine, increasing muscle Carnosine levels. Having high muscle Carnosine levels is crucial to muscular health, growth and stamina. Carnosine is vital to an athlete’s performance, and Beta-Alanine levels have been found to be directly related to muscle carnosine levels.

Unfortunately, Beta-Alanine is not easily consumed in a regular diet. That's why a supplement is often needed to increase Beta-Alanine levels in your muscles. 

What Does Beta-Alanine Do?

Wondering how it could help your training?

Here are some of the top ways:

  • Enhances athletic performance. Clinical studies have shown that athletes—untrained and elite—who regularly supplement their diet and exercise with Beta-Alanine perform with more strength and speed than those who do not.
  • Improves endurance and beats fatigue. Beta-Alanine is especially useful for athletes who take part in highly intense workouts, such as sprinting and cycling.
  • Speeds recovery. Beta-Alanine increases muscle Carnosine levels. How is that helpful? It buffers buildup of lactic acid after an intense workout, decreasing post-workout muscular pain, as well as the amount of time spent recovering from a hard workout.

It's clear that Beta-Alanine is an important supplement to an athlete’s diet. Now it’s important to understand why you should choose ENHANCE as your Beta-Alanine source. 

If you have ever taken a Beta-Alanine supplement, you may have been surprised by a tingling, numbing sensation in your skin. Athletes who were not prepared for this sensation have, rightly, be concerned. Some have even reported thinking that they were having an allergic reaction!

This sensation is a side effect known as paresthesia. While paresthesia is advertised as a normal effect of Beta-Alanine supplements, ENHANCE delivers better results without the discomfort of other Beta-Alanine supplements.

How Does ENHANCE Do This?

One of the things that set ENHANCE apart from other Beta-Alanine supplements is its sustained-release formula. When choosing a Beta-Alanine supplement, the form of release is an important consideration.

In fact, sustained-release formulas are becoming more common. Why? These formulas provide longer-lasting results with fewer intense side effects. When released in a single dose, high levels of Beta-Alanine could result in unwanted side effects such as paresthesia and even urinary incontinence, the inability to control your bladder.

No one should have to suffer from these side effects. With a sustained-release formula, such as that found in ENHANCE, you don't have to.

ENHANCE does more of what you want, and less of what you don’t.

Who Benefits From ENHANCE?

Beta-Alanine is a functional supplement. It's a staple in most high-intensity athletes’ arsenals.

But, the benefits of ENHANCE aren’t limited to athletes. There are others who can especially benefit from Beta-Alanine.

  • Women. Most women don’t just want to lose weight. They want to enhance their performance and build muscle. But hey—some studies have shown that Beta-Alanine helps burn fat, too. Call it a win-win.
  • Vegetarians and the environmentally friendly. Pork and beef are two good sources of Beta-Alanine. Guess what? ENHANCE has good news for vegetarians. ENHANCE is an animal-friendly source of animal protein, a necessity to any vegetarian focused on building muscle. To make things better, ENHANCE is made totally of non-GMO ingredients.
  • The elderly. As we age, we experience a decline in our muscle mass and function. That's why it’s no surprise that older people are less inclined to perform physical work. ENHANCE can help. Older people who supplemented their diets with Beta-Alanine were able to perform significantly more physical activity with less fatigue. In a sense, ENHANCE can assist older people to maintain their independence.
  • Those with diabetes, metabolic syndrome and others with poorly controlled glucose levels. People with elevated blood glucose levels, such as what occurs with diabetes, experience early signs of ageing and muscle degeneration. Beta-Alanine may prevent elevated blood glucose, in turn elevating cellular function and improving the overall health of cells. 
Here’s The Bottom Line

An essential tool to the athletic arsenal, Beta-Alanine is well known for increasing endurance, stamina, strength and speed. Beta-Alanine helps you perform better, increasing muscle Carnosine levels and buffering lactic acid build-up. This keeps you off the couch and where you belong—in the game.

But supplements shouldn’t just do their job, right? They should do their job well, and they shouldn’t cause discomfort.

Good news! ENHANCE does the job right. And it does so with a simple, effective and sustained-release formula. What does that mean? You won’t have to worry about the uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing side effects that come with other Beta-Alanine formulas that aren't sustained-released formulas. You know the kind. They're the side effects that you have probably been told not to worry about yet can creep up on you.

The truth is that you should be focused on your workout. Not on side effects.

If you want to play the game harder and get back in the game faster, then Beta-Alanine is a good supplement for you. And if you want these results in the form of a convenient, healthy, non-GMO tablet, then ENHANCE is the product you want.

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